The House Rental Agent on Bonaire is Ish, PJ4ISH. She can be contacted at 011-599-790-1337 or via email
Also click here to see her PJ4G house rental webpage.

The station rental is $1600 USD per weekone week minimum.

$75 Bonaire Tourist Tax per visitor. Effective July 1st, 2022. This tax is paid directly to the government either online or when arriving at airport. Click here to pay the tourist tax online. Click here for more information.

(Please see Additional Charges section below). 

Included in rental is the use of all the antennas, one Yaesu FT1000MP MK5 transceiver and ADSL internet service. It’s suggested that you consider bringing your own radio. Due to the climate in the Caribbean it can’t be guaranteed that the radio equipment at the house will be in working order.

Additional Charges  

1) 10% service charge

2) $100 charge if the primary renter is a not a PJ4G Radio Club member.

3) If there is to be more than one operator or non-ham renter, there is an additional charge of $250 per extra operator or $50 per non-operator. Each operator pays the $250 fee even if they aren’t staying at the house. (operating the contest and staying off-site) This charge is waived for PJ4G Radio Club members.

Example of this calculation for one week rental by two non-radio club licensed amateurs

10% X ($1600 rental fee + $500 two non-club renters + $100 for non-radio club primary renter) = $220.00

4) $150.00 additional charge per week to run the radio operator room air conditioning. The air conditioning for the bedrooms is included in the rental cost.

5) Additional equipment that is owned by the PJ4G Radio Club is available for rental. Note that club members have access to all the equipment listed below at no charge. There is also additional equipment, tools and antennas that are available to a club members at no charge. Contact Noah Gottfried, K2NG, to inquire about club membership.  

Club Equipment Available for Rental to Non-Club Members

  • Ameritron AL1200 Amplifiers – $200 each (2 available)
  • Alpha 91 B Amplifier – $200
  • Homebrew 3 X 11 antenna switch – $200      
  • Dunestar Model 600 (160-10 meter) multiband band pass filters –  $50 each (4 available) 
  • Full Power Triplexer filter. Works on 20/15/10 meters  (50dB cross band rejection) – $200

Note: There are separate feed lines for each antenna that go into the shack. If you decide not the use the 3×11 switch and triplexer you will need to bring your own antenna switch or just plug each coax directly to your radio when you want to switch bands.  

If you decide to bring your own amplifier there are three 220 volt receptacles are in the shack.   

Please bring your own tools, spare parts, plugs etc…  The owners tools are only available for use by PJ4G Radio Club members. There are a couple home warehouse stores on the island that you might find some of the things you might need. The best one is Kooyman , which is located on the highway on the way to the station.