Click on Red Headings for a picture of the antenna

160 Meter Antennas

160M – The two 160 antennas are fed with one feed line with a switch box outside that is controlled in common with the 80M sloper array.
160 Inverted V on a 160′ foot tower
160 Inverted L on 90′ tower

80 Meter Antennas

80M – The 80M sloper array on 90 foot tower

40 Meter Antennas
JK Antennas 2el JK402T on 90 foot tower.
40M wire ground plane with raised radials.

Tribander Beams
Momobeam Tri-15 on the 60′ tower
Momobeam Tri-7 mounted about 8′ above the 402T on the 90 foot tower.
Force 12 C19XR fixed NW at about 40′ on the 90 foot tower
Force 12 C3E fixed SSE on the 60′ tower at about 30 feet

WARC Bands
Force 12 WARC7 tribander at 30 feet on it’s own tower

6 Meters
6M – 6el LFA on a 34′ boom about 8′ above the Tri-15 on the 60 foot tower.