The House Rental Agent on Bonaire is Ish, PJ4ISH. She can be contacted at 011-599-790-1337 or via email

Also click here to see her PJ4G house rental webpage.

Pat, N8VW, Ish, PJ4ISH , John, K4BAI and Jeff, KU8E at dinner after 2023 CQWW DX CW Contest operation as PJ4A
  • Three Bedrooms. Each have individual air conditioners and queen size beds.
  • Great Room (air conditioned) with operating positions, dining room, kitchen area.  
  • Futon in Great Room for 4th person to sleep.  
  • Two Bathrooms with showers.  
  • Refrigerator, gas stove, cooking pans, plates, utensils and drinking glasses.  
  • Kitchen table with 4 chairs.  
  • Storage shelves. 
  • Linens. 
  • Washing machine.  

Detailed Directions to Radio House