Amateur Radio Licensing Information for Bonaire

Agentschap Telecom handles amateur radio licensing on Bonaire. If you want to just operate PJ4/Your Homecall you don’t need to do anything since Bonaire is a signee on the CEPT. Please note you need to have a US Advanced or Extra class license or equivalent to have HF privileges in Bonaire. If you don’t you can only operate on VHF frequencies and above. If you would like to have a special contest call sign you need to fill out an application and email it to Jessica Abrahams. The fee for a contest call sign is $56 US. You will need to also attach a copy of your passport and amateur radio license to your email.

The contact information for Agentschap in Bonaire is :

  • Kaya Grandi 69 P.O. Box 791
  • Bonaire Netherlands Antilles
  • Phone: +599 717-3140
  • Fax:   +599 717-3554
  • E-mail:

Click here for the application form for a contest call.