The remote station consists of a FlexRadio 6500 radio and an OM2000A+ amplifier. Note the station configuration will change to an Icom 7300 radio using the existing OM2000A+ amplifier sometime in 2021. The station will also be accessible via a web browser and the software listed below won’t be needed. See BeLoud.US for updates.


The following software will need to be downloaded to your computer to currently access the PJ4G station remotely.

SmartSDR- version 2.49 from the Flex website – SDR software for Flex Radio 6500.

AnyDesk – Remote desk software used by WW4LL or NA2AA to login to your computer to configure programs that are used to use the remote station. – RBM V1.9.4 – Only needed for switching 80 and 160 meter antennas. Other antennas are switch automatically with an OM Power antenna switch

EA4TX ARSVCOM Antenna Rotor Control – Used to rotate the antenna rotors on 90 and 60 foot towers. (software for the OM-2000A+ amplifier V 3.1 – Used for remote control operation of OM-2000A amplifier.

N1MM Logger Plus – Logging software used for remote station.

After the required software is downloaded either WW4LL or NA2AA will remotely login to your computer to configure it.