Antenna Farm on Hilltop

PJ4G Contest Station

Bonaire , Dutch Caribbean


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K2NG Tower Services

K2NG Tower Services


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Tower #1 60 foot Rohn 25G 


  •  Momo Beam Tri15 Tri-band Yagi
  •  6 Meter Yagi -  6el LFA on a 34' boom
  •  40 Meter Wire Vertical


Tower #2 90 foot Rohn 25G 


  • Momo Beam Tri7 Tri-band Yagi
  • Momo Beam 2-40-T 2 element 40 Meter Yagi
  • Force 12 C19XR Yagi - Fixed towards USA
  • 80 meter sloping dipole array - Switchable 4 directions 
  • 160 meter Inverted L with 4 elevated radials 


Cell Tower


  • 160 meter Inverted V  


Receive Antennas



Station Documentation 


Triplexer and 3 x 11 Antenna Switch - How to Guide 

4x8 Receive Antenna Switch - How to Guide

160/80 Meter Antenna Switch - How to Guide

Dunestar 600 Band Pass Filters

Dunestar 800 Band Pass Filter Selector Box   

Yaesu FT1000 MKV Manual

Ameriton AL1200 Manual

Alpha 91B Manual

Daiwa CN801 Watt Meter Manual

Elecraft K3 Manual

Force 12 C3 Manual

Shared Apex Loop Array



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